Application Notes

Been realising what a great source of information application notes are, when I started this project I didn't really know were to look to get good information on energy monitoring but I think I'm slowly getting better at it now :) I've put together a page here:

which is full of links to application notes. Thanks to Danny for the link to the AVR-465 note on creating an energy monitor with an atmel micro. Its even got open source firmware details there and an interesting use of opamps to increase accuracy at low current ranges which I'd like to try at some point.

If you know of any other good resources, Id be interested in knowing about them, please post them below, thanks!

Maker Faire Newcastle

I will be at Maker Faire 2010 in Newcastle this coming weekend (March the 13th-14th) and will be exhibiting the energy monitor, should be a fun event! drop by if your in the area.

ArduinoPower - ADE7753

Last year I met James Devine at homecamp a home hacking, automation and green technology unconference in London. He has been developing an arduino energy monitor based on an Analogue Devices ADE 7753 IC which is a custom energy meter IC for use with CT sensors. The ADE7753 looks like a really good way of doing the measurement, it communicates with the arduino via SPI and does all the energy metering calculations itself, therefore freeing up the arduino for other tasks.

Here's a mockup picture from his site of the energy metering arduino shield that he is developing:

His project aim is to create an accurate desktop scale power meter, suitable for measuring individual power usage at a desk, the power meter then communicates with a PC I think via the arduino bluetooth shield and it's all open source, have a look:


I've just set up a forum here:

It might be easier to use than the comment pages on the website and a bit easier to see what's going on.