Emoncms Blue Theme

For a fresh clean start to 2018 the default Emoncms theme has now been set to “blue” :-)

The blue theme was chosen to give a consistent user experience between the other OpenEnergyMonitor websites e.g. Forum, Guide, Learn, Homepage etc.

We like the clean look of the blue theme, we hope you do also :-)

If you don’t it’s easy to revert to back to the old black theme by setting $theme = standard in settings.php. There is also a user contributed yellow theme called sun which is available.

emonPi Emoncms will update automatically during emonPi update to use the new theme as long as settings.php has not been user modified.

Feed view in Standard, Blue and Sun theme:

Login box in Blue, Standard and Sun theme:

MyElectric dashboard app in box in Standard, Blue, and Sun theme:

For questions and discussion see Emoncms Blue Theme Forum Topic

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