Mission Science Workshop Project

I'm currently in San Francisco :) I'm here helping an organisation called Mission Science Workshop, who are interested in developing a course based on the energy monitor for high schools. The idea is to use the arduino and computer based graphing/logging as a platform to make scientific measurements of things like: voltage, current, power, energy, temperature, light, etc, that can be used in workshops to make it possible to see useful, interesting phenomenon and demonstrate the use of computers in science. Mission Science Workshop teach science in a very hands on, experiential way, trying to keep kids curiosity alive and sparking their interest in science. Have a look at their website here:

I'm working with Mario Landau Holdsworth from mission science on the project, he teaches at Mission Science and has a keen interest in Arduino's, energy monitoring, electric cars, mycelia and teaching science in a fun way. He has been very kind to sort out the whole visit.

As a part of the mission science project I gave a short workshop on the energy monitor last Friday. For the workshop I did a bit more work on the energy monitor design and tried to improve the documentation a bit, creating a printable energy monitor guide. I'm going to upload these to the main website today, but here are the printable pdf's for the mean time:
I'm in the San Francisco area until the end of the month, working on the project and going hiking around marin county and hopefully Yosemite, if your in the area, Mario and I will be down at Mission Science building things so let us know if you'd like to come and have a look.
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