Low carbon energy film featuring OpenEnergyMonitor

A few months ago we were lucky to be contacted by a French film team wanting to feature OpenEnergyMonitor as part of a film about low carbon energy. The film "ACHIEVING 2050 I OPTIMIZE ENERG" aired in November this year.

The film can be watched online here (in French), the part featuring us starts at 28min in:

Here is the blurb translated from French:

"Globally 40% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the production of electricity required for industry, heating and everyday life. More than two thirds of the electricity is actually produced in thermal power plants from fossil fuels, ie coal, gas or oil, which releases large amounts of CO2. This production increasing with the construction of new power plants in emerging countries. 

By 2050, with 3 billion additional inhabitants, the electricity demand will still grow enormously. So how do you reverse to generate electricity without emitting greenhouse gases to limit global warming to 2 ° C by the end of the century?  

We started to meet those have opted for autonomy through renewable energies, which have learned to control and optimize power consumption. This is the case in Britain, where the communities of common shiner is to succeed the challenge of energy independence, with the implementation of wind and electricity production from bio-methane from swine manure. Everywhere Worldwide solutions are found to save and optimize energy. Some, like in Boston in the United States live in houses positive energy, which produce more energy than they consume through "smart habitats." Other innovate by using waste heat from factories, which can heat homes. Each in their own way, these precursors are revolutionizing existing models of energy production, to build a world more respectful of the planet." To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.