Emoncms android App

Today marks an exciting milestone for Emoncms and the OpenEnergyMonitor project. We are proud to launch an Emoncms android mobile app.  

The app is now available on Google PlayTM
Get it on Google Play

What's even more exciting is that this app has been developed almost solely by a member of the community with input from other community members. A big thank you to Kevin Cooper (JumpMaster).    


  • Emoncms MyElectric dashboard  
  • Supports and any other Emoncms server 
  • Power or currency view toggle
  • Multiple currency support 
  • Unit cost config (e.g £/Kwh)
  • Pinch & zoom on real-time power graph
  • Number of KWh days displayed is based on screen resolution, rotation to horizontal or viewing on a large tabet results in more KWh day values displayed (see below for Nexus 10 screenshot) 
  • MySolar support in development 
  • Fully open-source (GitHub Repo)
  • Developed by the community with input from the community (development forum thread)

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