Improved my solar application specific dashboard for tablet energy display's

With my Refurbished Samsung Galexy Tab 3 energy display up and running I've made a few changes to the solarPV application specific dashboard to make it work better. Thanks to Steve for many of the suggestions, see forum post.
  • The view now automatically updates as a rolling window, in any of the modes, 3 hour, 6 hour, day etc 
  • The balance Import/Export is now the same size as the solar & house consumption. 
  • Night time noise on the solar pv channel less than 10W is zeroed. 
  • The in-window stats are now easier to see at a distance with larger font.
  • The view buttons are easier to click on a touch screen.
  • Its possible to make up the consumption or solar generation feed from multiple feeds on the fly by entering comma separated feed id's in the configuration interface.
Here's the result:

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