Introducing RFM69Pi V3 Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

RFM69Pi on Raspberry Pi B+, also compatible with Raspberry Pi Model B and Pi2

RFM69Pi - just like RFM12Pi but with upgraded radio and more I/O available

The RFM69Pi is a minor update to the popular RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi Expansion board. It adds support for the RFM69CW RF module as well as breaking out as much I/O as possible from the ATmega328 to open up the options for greater connectivity and compatibility. The RFM69Pi was developed with help and inspiration from Nanode RF designer Ken Boak, together we are working on a relay heating controller board using the RFM69Pi. 

The RFM69CW is backward compatible with RFM12B, see blog post introducing the module. From an end user's perspective there should be no difference when using the RFM69Pi over the RF12Pi apart from a new input called RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) appearing in Emoncms. 

You must be running the latest pre-build SD card image emonSD-26-02-15.img (now shipping) or emonHub must be updated manually to the latest Development branch version to enabled auto detection of the faster baud rate used by the RFM69Pi (38400 as opposed to 9600 on the RFM12Pi), and RSSI value handling. 

If you're running pre-built SD card image emonSD-13-08-14.img or earlier then emonHub can be updated by running:

$ sudo service emonhub stop

$ cd emonhub

$ git pull 

$ sudo service emonhub start 

check log for errors 

$ tail /var/log/emonhub/emonhub.log

The RFM69Pi is now shipping from our online shop

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