Gwynedd Council Award 2014

Many thanks to Gwynedd Council (our local council) inviting us along to the Gwynedd Business Week dinner and presenting us the 'Special Contribution to Gwynedd's Economy' award week before last. 

It's great to be recognised locally for our achievements, especially being an open-hardware business where everything we develop is open-source both hardware and software. It shows that there is a different way of doing things, technology business does not always need to be about closed IP, open-source works and open-source hardware businesses could be a way to have local employment not just here in North Wales but all over the world.

Trystan stepping up to receive the award 

A little side story about the slate plaque: We love the slate plaque, slate is very appropriate material to the area; North Wales was once the slate mining capital of the world. Nowadays the slate quarrys and mines are far fewer, many being dormant landmarks in the area used as recreation areas (e.g. our personal favourite, rock climbing :-D ). One underground cavern is used to house a 1.7MW pump storage hydro-electric power station which is the second largest in Europe  and 8th largest in the world

View from the Llanberis Slate quarries - the round building is a vent hole for the 1.7MW pump-storage hydro power station underground...very cool!  

Diolch yn fawr Cyngor Gwynedd! 

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