Emoncms Mobile View (My Electric)

The latest version of Emoncms (V8) has got a feature called 'My Electric', this is a ready made mobile friendly dashboard.

Just click the 'My Electric' button once logged into Emoncms and select your Power and KWh/d feeds. You will notice that that URL for this page automatically contains your API key, this is to enable this page to be bookmarked and easily accessed on a mobile device.

If you use Chrome on both your desktop and mobile device your bookmarks will automatically sync. For even easier access Chrome on android allows web-pages to be pinned to the home screen for one button full screen access, this makes the Emoncms page load almost instantly, just like a native app giving a real-time dynamic view of how much power is currently being consumed or generated. Just follow the steps below:

On first visit the My Electric page will ask you to select your Power and KWh/d feeds

To create a shortcut on your android home screen hit the 'Add to home screen' button in Chrome

A shortcut is now created on your homescreen to enable quickly firing up the dashboard

When the homescreen short-cut is launched the My Electric dynamic mobile view page loads up almost instantly in Chrome in fullscreen mode (no URL bar etc.). This makes  it appear like a native app
Recently Trystan has been working on taking the first steps to building a native android Emoncms app documenting the progress of building android apps as he goes along. If your an android developer who fancies working on this, please get in touch. See here for Trystans progress:

Emoncms 'Hello World' android App

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