ZeroCarbonBritain: Report in short

I've just come across the 'report in short' flyer by zerocarbonbritian giving a very nice overview of their more in-depth report that I've mentioned before that outlines a very positive and thorough vision for a sustainable future. If you haven’t seen it already its worth checking out:

"We have the technology to power ourselves with 100% renewable energy, to feed ourselves sustainably and to leave a safe and habitable climate for our children and future generations" - ZeroCarbonBritain

Download the flyer here: ZCB_RTF - Report in Short - A4 printable.pdf

Download the full report here:

Id also very much recommend Alice of ZeroCarbonBritain's inspiring talk on their work:

Alice Hooker-Stroud, Centre for Alternative Technology, ‘Zero Carbon Britain (Energy)’ from tyndallcentre on Vimeo. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.