Elektrocamp, visiting Jerome in Bordeaux and OuiShare

Lars Zimmerman and Jenni Ottilie Keppler (Open It Agency), Tristan Copley Smith & Jonathan Minchin (Open Source Beehives), Nick Ierodiaconou (Open Desk), Justina Swat (Fab Jam), Tomas Diez (Fab Lab Barcelona) and Open Energy Monitor (myself) at OuiShare Paris.

Im now back home in Wales after spending two weeks in France and Belgium attending two interesting events and meeting up with Jerome Lafréchoux developer of the oem_gateway (now emonhub) in Bordeaux. It was a great two weeks, I met lots of very nice people and heard about all sorts of interesting projects.

The first event was Elektrocamp which is a European meetup that happens every 6 months for people taking an open source approach to Smart Metering, Smart Home, Smart Grid. Some of the projects at elektrocamp where:

Flukso – an innovative open source energy monitoring project using openwrt
OpenTRV – open trv heating controller
Perpetual project – better heating control methods and algorithms
MySmartGrid - open smart grid approaches based on flukso

I then went down to Bordeaux to meet Jerome Lafréchoux who developed the oem_gateway which is a central part of the OpenEnergyMonitor system, it was great to meet in person and discuss next steps for OpenEnergyMonitor and emonhub development as well as enjoying a beer and good food.

Then it was back up to Paris for OuiShare which is an amazing event bringing people together from quite a wide spectrum of projects in the sharing/collaborative economy. There was a good group of us open hardware people there, we had our own space called 'the factory' where as well as a lot of discussing we built things, I spent quite a bit of time over those days building open source furniture with Nick of OpenDesk and beehives with Tristan and Jonathan of open source beehives.

Lars Zimmerman of Openit made a good blog post with a list of many of the open hardware projects at OuiShare here
Here's a copy of the list and I've added a few more on the bottom:
Thanks a lot to Leo Benichou for organising the open hardware for energy transition session at ouishare and for putting me up for the days in paris.
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