We Won! Daily Post Business Award 2013 - Green Award Category

We have been lucky enough to be awarded winner of the Green Award category in the Daily Post Business Awards 2013. The Daily Post is a regional (North West Wales) newspaper, the Green Award was sponsored this year by Windpower Wales. The award was announced at the end of last year, I resisted posting about it until we got our hands on the video that was made about us.

Trystan being interviewed by Daily Post newspaper, read the article here

Winning the award was very unexpected for us, we feel very humbled. It goes without saying that it would not be possible for us to be doing what we do if it was not for the work of many others. As always with open-source it feels like we are standing on the shoulders of lots of other projects. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the project in some way and or bought items from the shop.

Given the nature of an online collaborative project such as OpenEnergyMonitor much of our day-to-day communications and business is conducted online; it's great that what we are doing is being recognised locally. Trystan and I are very proud to be able to live and work in Snowdonia, North Wales. We're both welsh speakers and were brought up locally. Our website has a couple of photos I've taken while out climbing and walking in the Snowdonia mountains as well as an overview of the OpenEnergyMonitor system.

Megni (which means 'monitoring energy' in Welsh) is the name of our business which runs the OpenEnergyMonitor shop. We're keen to make the distinction between Megni and OpenEnergyMonitor since we don't take claim for all OpenEnergyMonitor developments: the .org website, open-source hardware, software and documentation is all separate from the business. Megni is a partnership between Trystan Lea and myself (Glyn Hudson); we now have a couple of friends Ynyr Edwards and Gwil Noble working with us helping with shop fulfillment, support requests and ongoing development.

This award ended 2013 on a high for us, it's been a very exciting few months launching new pre-assembled hardware units and moving into a new office / lab space. Let's hope 2014 is just as awesome! We have lots of exciting plans for this year, high on the list is starting to move into the control of appliances and general polishing of the energy monitoring system.

Here's a short video which was made for the event, it's got some nice shots of the hardware and our new lab:

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