CarbonCoop & OpenEnergyMonitor build weekend, November 16 & 17th

After much re-arranging we've got the new date for the energy monitoring build weekend that we're hosting with Carbon Coop at MadLab in Manchester. Its now on the 16th and 17th of November.

Meetup page: 

As before there will be three main parts to the weekend:

Build an OpenEnergyMonitor system (Saturday 10AM - 6PM + Completion on Sunday if needed)

This is a chance to build a monitoring system with the support of others who have built systems before, Matt Fawcett and I will be on hand to help, we will walk through building the emontx energy monitoring sensor node and how to setup a raspberrypi basestation running emoncms.

With this you can explore and track changes in home electricity use over time via a web dashboard.

If you've already got an OpenEnergyMonitor system but need some help getting it to work your also welcome to attend this workshop, please bring your monitor along.

To complete the build you will need:

Emontx 868Mhz
Programmer - USB to serial UART
Mini USB cable
USB power adapter
• AC-AC Adapter - AC voltage sensor
Raspberry Pi - model B
RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi Expansion board kit 868Mhz
Micro USB Cable
USB Power supply for RaspberryPI
• Sandisk SD card for the Raspberrypi
• 1 mtr cat-5 cable

The total build price if you get everything from the OpenEnergyMonitor shop is £121.5 inc VAT.

If you already have a raspberry pi and spare USB Power supplies, micro and mini USB cables (they often come with newer mobile phones) you can do the whole build for £68.50.

There will be a limited number of these kits available on the day (at the same cost), to make sure you can build please order these beforehand.

Put a note in your order message that you need the kits for the weekend so that we can make sure you have them.

If you want to read-up on the build guides and learn more about the system before the event take a look here:

Show and tell
Were excited that Robin Emley will be joining us to demonstrate his Solar PV Diverter on the Saturday:

If youd like to come and show what you've been working on around open source monitoring and control please do, get in contact to let us know if you are coming.


There will be a table dedicated to just developing something new, hardware or software. For example editing or amending the monitor's online display dashboards or improving energy modelling tools such as OpenSAP.

Sign up on the meetup page
Please add your name to the meetup page if your coming so that we have an idea about numbers and let us know how much of the kit you want for the build as above.

We look forward to seeing you there! please get in contact if you have any questions:

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