PCB Manufacturer Meeting

A couple of months ago I met up with Stacey Driver who is the Business Development Manager of PCB manufacturer Stickleback Manufacturing Ltd. We have been working with Stickleback for several years now, over that time they have grown in size and moved to a new factory. It's great to support (in the small way we can) a UK based manufacturer.

Here's a copy of Stickleback's recent newsletter where our meeting is mentioned alongside details of their new water treatment plant they have recently installed. It's great to hear that they are continuing to invest in their manufacturing processes and reducing their environmental impact. This links in well with my previous blog post on Ethical and Sustainable Electronics 

Stickleback Chat - Official news of Stickleback PCBs


Water Recycling Treatment Plant

As part of our continuing energy efficiency scheme we are thrilled to announce that we have installed a water recycling plant for our factory in Rochester, Kent. The introduction of the unit will significantly reduce the volume of waste water produced as a direct result of our processing.
Acids and alkalines used in our manufacturing processes are neutralised under controlled conditions. The ph. of the solution is carefully controlled allowing the water to be reused. This reduces the volume of water drawn by our company and removes the possibility of any polluting effects.
More and more companies are investing in waste water treatment. For Stickleback, we see it as part of our corporate responsibility to preserve and protect the natural resources we have wherever possible. We can’t wait until it is all put together and up and running.

Open Energy Monitor and Google Campus

Stacey Driver had a fantastic meeting with our long-standing, valued customer, Glyn Hudson, at the Google Campus.
Glyn is a highly ambitious and motivated young entrepreneur, who is proud to be manufacturing a British product. The Open source hardware product, manufactured by Open Energy monitoring, allows us to relate our use of energy to our energy systems and embrace the challenge of sustainable energy.
We’ve worked with Glyn from the prototype stage through to production and his quantities continue to grow as his products are sent worldwide.
We are proud to support growing business’; start-ups and SME’s and have developed smart prototyping systems to help minimise the required outlay at these costly development stages.
Contact Stacey today on [email protected] or 01634 272416 if you think we could become part of your businesses fantastic journey.
We would be delighted to discuss where Stickleback may be able to help!

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