Great emoncms dashboards by Paul Reed, Jürgen and Tom + update on backup

There's a new forum on the forums for showcasing emoncms dashboard creations (thanks to Paul Reed for the idea), here are a few screenshots of dashboards created by Paul Reed and Jürgen:

I really like the additions of the icons, you can do this by inserting html in the text widget.
Forum post by Paul Reed:

Some really nice looking multigraph data, forum post by Jürgen:

Feel free to share your dashboard screenshots or links on the emoncms showcase forum:

Emoncms backup
A couple of additions to the script linked to in the last blog post:

Completes file backup correctly and better verbose output:

To run the backup script from a service, there's a service script available here:

To install the service script:
sudo cp /home/username/backup/emonbackup /etc/init.d/ 
sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/emonbackup 
sudo update-rc.d emonbackup defaults

Start the service:
sudo /etc/init.d/emonbackup start log
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