EmonTx Shield SMT progress

The latest emontx shield SMT board revision (v2.4) arrived a couple of days ago.

This revision carries on from the developments described in the previous blog post here:

The improvements in v2.4 are:
  • The DS18B20 connector is bought out to the edge with screw terminals.
  • There's an FTDI connector as the shield covers the FTDI connector on the NanodeRF.
  • The jumpers are 2.54mm headers rather than surface pads that are soldered, making them easier to change.
  • The RFM12 footprint is moved further in on the board so that there is space for the Ciseco SRF with its on board chip antenna

There was one small but crucial mistake, I got the RX and TX on the FTDI connector the wrong way around!!

Next step: switch the RX and TX around and send the board off for production.
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