Fridge Defrosting

Update 27/06/13:

As kindly pointed out by Jörg Becker in the comments below I mad an error with the timebase. I had assumed If I zoomed in the same amount that the time base would be the same, I had not realised that this was not actually the case. Below is an updated screen grab with the correct time period. As we can see the power in the window is pretty much the same 0.28/0.29Kwh. Defrosting the fridge does not seem to have had much of a reduction effect in the power consumption, just an increased duty cycle. Apologies for my original misleading post below. 

Thanks again to Jörg Becker for pointing this out. 

Yesterday I defrosted my fridge, I was amazed at the effect it had on it's energy consumption and pattern.

Energy consumption due to fridge dropped from 2.29 Kwh/d to 1.09Kwh/d, about a 50% readuction. The pattern of energy consumption changed a fair bit, now defrosted the fridge switches on for a much shorter period of time,  obviously getting up to down to temperature much quicker.

If I keep the fridge defrosted regularly all year it should save me around £60 a year.

I am aware that my fridge is quite an old model and a new model would use less energy overall and not require defrosting. Something to thing about for the future.. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.