Recent commits to emoncms

There have been many great recent commits to emoncms thanks to PlaneteDomo, Baptiste Gaultier, Simon Stamm, Erik Karlsson (IntoMethod), Bryan Mayland (CapnBry), Ildefonso Martínez, Paul Reed and Jerome. Including improved translations, ability to translate javascript, query speed-ups, a working remember me implementation and work on the raspberry pi module. I thought Id write this blog post to draw attention to the great contributions that are being made and so that credit goes where its due:

Summary of additions:

PlaneteDomo - Implementation of a clean way of adding ability to translate text previously defined in javascript

Baptiste Gaultier (bgaultier) - A lot of French translation work

Simon Stamm - Added ability to display yen and euro in zoom visualisation, including an option to place the currency after the value ( 1 = after value, 0 = before value)
and fixed issue with floatval and json_decode:

Erik Karlsson (IntoMethod) - Fixed dashboard height issue, thanks to Paul Reed for reporting this bug on the forums:

Addition of async ajax calls for some visualisations this makes the dashboard feel alot snappier and page load is about 4-5 times faster.

Also a really significant fix that I've been really enjoying, Erik Karlsson fixed the remember me implementation that I failed to get to work properly:

Bryan Mayland (CapnBry) - Improved feed/data request query times: adds a 3rd query type using the mysql average method for times less than 50 hours (180,000 seconds).

Ildefonso Martínez (ildemartinez) - javascript code re-factoring

Paul Reed - tab between fields when logging in, average field in visualisations moved to the right.

Jerome (Jerome-github) A lot of work on the RaspberryPI emoncms module including continued work on the python gateway script. For ongoing discussion on raspberrypi module development see the github issues page here:

Id really like to thank these guys and everyone who continues to help out with development, there's a lot of hard work going in that's really pushing things forward. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.