Open Source Hardware Users Group (OSHUG) #26 Meetup

Last night I attended OSHUG event #26 in London and gave a short talk on Low Power Wireless sensors as well as the brief overview of the OpenMonitorProject and a quick look at what we've been working on recently.

There are a couple of new screenshots in the presentation from the open-source SAP building modelling emoncms module that Trystan is been working in with Manchester @CarbonCoop recently. This is an exciting bit of development. The idea is that the building model could be matched up to the monitoring results (temperature profile & heat input) of a building, the model could then be used to investigate the effect of undertaking improvement measures such as wall, loft insulation or external cladding etc.. Finally after completion of improvement measures the monitoring data can again be used to evaluate the actual performance of the improvement measures.

Osug #26 low power wireless sensors from OpenEnergyMonitor

It was great to meet everyone and put faces to (twitter) names! Big thanks to Andrew Back @9600 for organising the event and @skpang_uk for sponsoring the event...and buying me a beer afterwards!  
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