Public and private feeds

Another new feature in the latest commit is what I hope is clearer feed authentication levels:

Public access to feeds - no authentication required accessible to everyone - these are for use in public dashboards which also require no authentication, but is wider than dashboards only as it also means sharing feed data publicly in general either directly through the feed api or visualisations.

Private feeds

Read only access to feeds - accessible via read apikey (but not public unless you share your read apikey publicly) useful for sharing with someone privately, ie sending a link via email to a trusted person. To do this you make the feed private and send the link to whatever it is you want to share privately with an &apikey=YOURREADAPIKEY at the end.

Write access to feeds - accessible via write apikey, strictly a private apikey (not to be shared as this would give others write access to your account). Write access is needed for connected devices such as the basestation to upload data to emoncms.

All feeds are by default private. To make a feed public click on the lock icon in the feed list, the globe icon represents public access:

This is my feed list, I have granted public access to my solar hot water system temperatures and made the house power private as this could be particularly sensitive data as it would be possible to see my daily activity in detail.

Private feeds and public dashboards

If you include a private feed in a public dashboard, the dashboard will not be able to retrieve the feed data and your dashboard is likely to look like this:

As all feeds with the implementation of this feature have been set to private all public dashboards will either have dials that are 0 and possibly visualisations that show the above message. If your visualisation is still working it may be because the javascript from the page is cached in your browser and you need to clear it.

If you see any bugs or to see the latest status of bug fixing and features on their way have a look at the bug and dev list

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