A big thank you to everyone

As you know OpenEnergyMonitor is a collaborative project. The project would be nothing without the hard work, time and effort that so many of you dedicate.

With the festive season upon us and the year coming to an end I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who's contributed in some way to the project over the past year. Contributions could be anything from a whole new module, fixing a bug, correcting a typo to helping out with discussions and support on the forums. We very much appreciate every contribution no matter how small. 

Helping out with friendly support on the forums is an area where we are particularly grateful for assistance, as the project grows bigger (we're almost at 3000 registered users!) so does the user support requirements. It makes me very happy to see that the forums are a friendly place for new users to ask for help, as well as the first point of call for discussing an idea.

Here are a few names of people that I've picked up as making a significant contribution to the project over the past year. I apologise if I've missed anyone (I almost certainly have), if you think you too should be in this list please drop me and email and I'll add you on:

  • MrSharkey - Significant contribution into solar PV dump load controller design by investigating the characteristics of digital meters.
  • Everyone else who I've failed to mention... 
Thank you again and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! blog post is complete without an image, here's one a took a few weeks back. It rather sums up the winter we're currently having here in North Wales. Sadly rather wet and warm, rather than cold and icy. I suppose it's good news for heating energy! 

Water puddle reflections from a wet and windy North Wales, UK in December 

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