Updated installation and upgrade guides for latest emoncms release

Following on from my previous post on the new modular version of emoncms:

Here are the updated installation and upgrade guides:

Linux installation Ubuntu/Debian/PI

Windows installation

Here are some of the new features, interface improvements in the latest version:

New feeds interface with tag based grouping and in-line editing:

New visualisation page interface that makes it easier to explore the different visualisations available including drop down menu's for selecting feeds.

Database schema upgrade script can now be called from within the admin account (first account created).

Modular implementation as detailed in the previous blog post:
Several optional modules available for extending emoncms such as the raspberry pi module for communication with the RFM12PI board.

I have created another bug and dev list forum post for this month, November here: 

Emoncms bug and dev list NOVEMBER 2012
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