Raspberry Pi emonBase

The Raspberry Pi needs no introduction, it's a great piece of hardware. A low power, low cost Linux credit-card sized computer made in the UK. As soon as we heard of the Raspberry Pi we knew it would make a great emonBase energy monitoring base station. 

Raspberry Pi with RFM12Pi Expansion

The Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run a web server running emoncms open-source logging and visualisation web-app while being low power enough to be left running 24/7.  

Using the Raspberry Pi to log energy monitoring data locally (onto it's SD card) has advantage of not having to be reliant on a stable web connection when logging to a remote sever and gives you total control over your data. 

Working with Martin Harizanov we have designed an open-source expansion board for the Raspberry Pi which enables the Pi to receive data via wireless from other OpenEnergyMonitor modules e.g emonTx energy and temperature monitoring node or an emonGLCD wireless LCD display. The RFM12Pi is now available to buy through the OpenEnergyMonitor shop.

RFM12Pi Raspberry Pi GPIO Wireless Expansion Board  

A Raspberry Pi running emoncms with an RFM12Pi expansion board can be used as a powerful emonBase base-station to log, process and visualise energy, temperature and other environmental data. Data can be logged locally to the Raspberry Pi's SD card and/or to a remote emoncms server. Emoncms graphs and dashboards are served from the Raspberry Pi's web-server. Checkout the documentation links below for more information and setup instructions. In the future we plan to release a 'ready to go' Pi SD card image with emoncms pre installed and configured to work with the RFM12Pi.  

Thanks to Baptiste Gaultier for this nice emoncms dashboard example

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