Display live emoncms energy data on your desktop

Alexander Price ‏@saelaenx has documented a neat setup where he uses Geektool on his Mac to pull his live energy data and current temperatures from emoncms. The data it's self comes from an emonTx, emonGLCD posted online with a NanodeRF.

It would be great to have a similar arrangement for Ubuntu Linux using open-source tools, that way I can have have the same on my desktop :-)

The same goes for an android widget to display my live energy data on my home for the future.

Great work Alex, read his full blog here and see below for a summary:

Since I got a few people asking about this on twitter I decided to write a quick blog post on how I set up my current Geektool arrangement. Obviously this method only works on a mac, but I imagine a similar result could be achieved on Windows using Rainmeter.
GeekTool Desktop Widget 

emoncms dashboard

emonGLCD with Alex's nice custom monospaced fonts

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