Data portability: Version 1 complete!

Following on from the last series of posts detailing an implementation for exporting and importing data into emoncms to make it possible to move feed data between emoncms instances with ease, these features are now fully integrated in to the latest emoncms version.

I have also created a rough initial interface for selecting the remote account to download from and for selecting the feeds to download, you can get to this page by clicking on the Sync feeds button on the feedlist page:

To select an account enter the account URL and write apikey and click ok, after a moment the feed list of the remote account will appear. 

You can then click on the feeds you wish to download. This will enter the feeds into a download queue. As detailed in the last post the download and import process is run by a separate script.  The script is called import.php and can be found in the root directory of the emoncms install. You can either run this script manually or set up a cron job to run it periodically.

Once you start downloading feeds, if you refresh the page you will see the remote ahead by value decrease as data is downloaded starting with the oldest data first. It is also possible to sync the data again at a later data to bring the local copy up to date.

This feature makes for a really convenient way to backup feed data, as you only need to download the latest changes rather than all the data every time.

There are still a few things missing in the current implementation, that would be great to add:

- The first is that histogram data is not downloaded correctly as the import and export script only works at present with one column of data.

- It would be great to have a feature to select all the remote feeds to download, rather than having to click each one.

- It would be nice to have the sync interface page built in javascript/jquery to have it automatically update on progress without having to refresh the page.

But I think other than these which can be fixed and improved in time, its largely functional and good to go. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.