Plug and play sensor nodes

At the moment to get a system up and running you need to do quite a bit of manual firmware configuration, setting unique node-id's selecting different emontx sketches for different functionality, hard coding the emonglcd to get different screens. To add a second emontx you need to add several lines of code to the emonbase and the basestation needs to know the data structure of the sensor nodes.

What if you could upload a standard sketch to each of these nodes, plug your base station into your router, power up an emontx and see emontx 1 appear in a node list in emoncms. Then as you add more nodes they automatically appear in emoncms, no additional base station configuration needed. In time the software could develop to allow remote configuration of nodes such as emontx config and emonGLCD pages: beginning with page template functions as described in the last blog post: emonglcd template based displays

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