EmonGLCD Icons by Drsdre

Drsdre writes:

I've started experimenting with using icon based information with the goal to use the limited real estimate on the LCD more efficient and make the display more attractive.

Current features of this experiment:
  • Icons for current usage, grid, solar and temperature. 
  • Solar and temperature will shown different icons based upon solar wattage/temperature on scale -15 to 40c. Solar maximum value is auto-learning. 
  • If no EmonTX or EmonBase info is received, amount of seconds when last package was seen is shown. 
  • Assigned down button to switch on/off background light. 
Ideas: also add a animated wind energy icon, use an overall more graphical representation based upon a house with panel on the roof, wind mill in garden and connection to grid. It's in a very early stage and I love to hear your feedback.

Forked EmonGLCD sketch with changes can be found on

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