Almost at the next emoncms release point

Over the last couple of months I have been working closely with Ildefonso Martínez Marchena from Spain on developing emoncms to the next level and we have been making really good progress.

We are almost at the next release point with a lot of big additions including:

  • Support for multiple dashboards
  • A fully visual dashboard editor
  • Public dashboards via username i.e
  • Support for ckeditor and simeo file manager
  • 8 different dial types and a hot water cylinder
  • LED’s widgets thanks to Lloyd
  • Published and unpublished dashboards for dashboards that are being worked on.
  • A reworked dashboard renderer implementation
Data and core
  • CSV data input and identification by sensor node inputs.
  • Feed Autoconfig
  • New averaging process for creating daily temperature averages.
  • Setup script improvements
  • Thanks to Juan Sidrach for help with general code formatting and multilingual implementation. 
  • Twitter bootstrap based theme.
All this is available now on github and has been of course throughout development. At this stage we are just polishing the release and updating and writing documentation.
We've got the domain and have the latest version running there off the same server and database as so you can still access your data through

The idea here is to create a really nice launch page for emoncms and have the live instance hosted there which can be used as a main logging site or for testing before running it on your own server or both. will still be a beta service for now as its stability and reliability is established.

Bug testing
It would be great if you can try out the new version and let us know of any bugs you find so that we can try to get it as rock solid as possible before this release is complete.

Due to a couple of core implementation changes to visualisations and dashboards many of the visualisation URL’s and dashboard scripting have changed so it best to build any old dashboards from scratch using the new visual editor.

Have a look at the using emoncms documentation here if you need help with any of the steps:

Please submit any bug details either to the issue tracker on github here:
or on the forums here:
There is also a beginning on code documentation here that may come in useful.


Installation guides
To install emoncms on your own server have a look at these guides:

Let us know how you get on with it.
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