Emoncms multilingual support

The latest update to emoncms adds a basic implementation of multilingual support.

Adding a language

1) Make a copy of the folder Views/en and call it the language your creating a translation for, i.e cy for welsh:

.. or use a language that has already been translated from the emoncms_languages repo, i.e cy... (feel free to send a pull request with your translations)

2) If your creating a new translation, translate each view script inside your language folder.

3) Add your language to the language options in index.php:

Change the line:
$lang =  $_GET['lang']; if ($lang=='en') $_SESSION['lang'] = $lang; else $lang = null;

to (with your chosen language code)
$lang =  $_GET['lang']; if ($lang=='en' || $lang=='cy') $_SESSION['lang'] = $lang; else $lang = null;

2) Add your language to the user_view language selector.
Until a better implementation is created, this needs to be done for each language.
In Views/en/user_view.php

add (or your chosen language)

<option value="cy">Welsh</option>

<option selected value="en">English</option>

Repeat this for the user_view that belongs to the language your adding and set the selected attribute to the added language.

Any thoughts on a better way of implementing this is as always welcome. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.