emonGLCD V1.3 PCB

Introducing the latest version of the emonGLCD PCB.

This latest version (V1.3) fixes a few minor issues with the previous version (V1.2) but also has some issues of its own. It's a case of two steps forward and one step back.

The good news:

  • The LDR light sensor no longer suffers from reduced sensitivity due to sharing a port with one of the LCD pins 
  • Both tri-colour LEDs are on ATmega328's hardware PWM ports allowing the brightness to be controlled with some nice dimming effects 
  • New new rear silkscreen design featuring a handy RFM12B frequency note area and a large Welsh dragon graphic! 
The bad news:

  • The new feature in V1.3 was suppose to be two extra push switches to allow for future screen navigation. Unfortunately due to a PCB layout error non of the switches on V1.3 are functional. While this is frustrating since it was an easily avoidable mistake the display is still very functional. The current firmware example for single CT energy monitoring and solar PV monitoring don't really make much use of the switch. 
The good news!

Everything else LCD, wireless, ATmega 328, Light sensor, Temperature sensor and multi-colour LED's work great. We have decided to go with the switches not working for now as it still makes a very functional energy monitor display. 

emonGLCD V1.3 front
emonGLCD V1.3 rear 
V1.3 assembled
The schematic and board design for emonGLCD V1.3 are up on solderpad:

The emonGLCD documentation page has been updated with the new port mappings: To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.