University campus energy monitoring in France

Hello, my name is Baptiste GaultierWhen I started working on the project of monitoring the energy consumption of Telecom Bretagne (an engineering school in Brittany, France), I was looking for products which can measure, store, and track the energy consumption data of a typical university campus.

After spending some time researching the available solutions, I found a lot of expensive proprietary products and a project you may have heard of, called openenergymonitor. This project provides a very powerful, web-connected energy monitoring system, and the best part is that it is open-source !

I started to work on top of emonTx and emoncms and here are some new features I added to emoncms (the new hardware features will be addressed in a future blog post)  :
  • Map widget : allows you to see a map with all the sensors used for energy monitoring
  • Device manager : provides an easy way to add devices on the map widget
  • Node information widget : allows you to see all information (hostname, IP addresses, device type, power measured...) of a monitoring node


Dashboard with my university campus map

Device manager tab

We have made some progress, but we have still a lot of work to do before our goals are met, most notably:
  • Tagging and renaming the devices
  • Displaying the energy chart when clicking on a node
  • Drag and drop node positioning on a map (device manager)
  • Node filtering (depending on power consumption for instance)
  • How to use the map widget (documentation) 
The code has been released on github (I forked couple of days ago) :

The entire team working on the project at Telecom Bretagne is convinced of the great quality of the openenergymonitor project and we hope our work may be useful in any way.

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