Introducing Megni

Now that the project is getting to the point where we almost have a complete open-source end-to-end web-connected energy monitoring system we are excited to be starting Megni a small business to provide kits and fully assembled units that aim to make it easier to get started with open-source energy monitoring.

Our core aims are to create:
  • Technology that encourages people to make and learn new skills.
  • Technology that helps us live within ecological limits.
  • Repairable, modifiable technology with a making story
  • We have been inspired by companies such as howies and Patagonia who combine their love of the outdoors with making clothing and equipment that help people enjoy the outdoors while also striving to produce those things in ways that causes no unnecessary harm. We would love to do something similar for technology.

The name Megni is made up of the welsh word for energy egni and the M part stands for monitoring or monitro in welsh. We are both welsh speakers and live in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales, UK.
As well as supplying OpenEnergyMonitor kits Megni will also offer custom energy monitoring and display services to businesses and organisations.

We are currently involved in a local community energy project which is keeping us busy for the next two months after which we are going to focus our efforts on getting an online shop up and running. In the mean time if your interested please see the buy section of the emontx documentation page.

Thanks for your continued support

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