Nanode Applications weekend

We have just come to the end of two great days in London at the nanode applications weekend, an un-conference style event at the Center for Creative Collaboration CC4C bringing people together to share and explore what can be done with the nanode an open-source Arduino like board with built in web connectivity developed by Ken Boak.

Over the weekend we presented our work on our end-to-end open-source energy monitoring system, comprising of the emonTx  wireless transmitter unit, emoncms energy visualisation web-app and the emonGLCD display. Download a copy of our slides

As well as presenting we attended the event to hear about what other people are working on.

Here are a few of the highlights for us of the weekend:

  • Andrew Lindsay’s arduino sketch upload to nanode over Ethernet using TFTP.  Fantastic, glimpse of the future?
  • Nick Boyle’s home monitoring with twitter and iphone notifications (partial documentation) - he gets a notification on his phone triggered by a certain energy event in his house!
  • Great to meet Franck Oxener a long time member on OpenEnergyMonitor who came all the way from the island of Texel, Northen Netherlands.

It was fantastic to meet lots of enthusiastic people all working on similar things. Since we are based in the mountains of North Wales this is not something we do on a regular basis. London can even be beautiful, on Saturday night we were treated to a wonderful rainbow display.

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