Project development

As of today 285 people have signed up to be developers / contributors / users on OpenEnergyMonitor. This is fantastic, It's great to see the project expanding and becoming more collaborative. Activity on the forums has been steadily increasing, they are now a great place to discuss ideas, share problems and showcase what you have been working on. 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up and contributed to the project. 

A large number of people come with a large number of skills. We have encouraged people to write a little bit about themselves and their interest in the project when they sign up. Until now the only way to access this information was to click on each user individually in the developer section on the right hand side of the page. We now created a page to allow easy access to user profiles. This should make it easier for people with similar interests and working on similar projects to connect with each other and collaborate. The new page can be accessed by clicking on the little more link on the developers section of the right hand side of the page. 

New user profile page
We have taken this a step further by installing a messaging system which will allow users to message each other directly. Just click on a users profile then 'send this user a message' link. The messaging system is very new, shiny and largely untested. Please report any problems. 

New messaging system 

I have been working improving the emonTx design and writing firmware examples.
We are working towards opening an online shop in the next few months...exciting times! In the meantime if you are keen to get your hands on an emonTx please contact me at [email protected] or message me using new OpenEnergyMonitor messaging system.

emonTx open-source wireless energy monitoring node

Trystan has been working on documentation and improving the code for emoncms to make it more modular, easier to understand and build upon.

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