Snowdonia build April 2011

Now that the dust has settled, kitchen cleaned and toilet fixed it seems like a good time to look back on the last week.

Firstly, thanks to Ken Boak, Samuel Carlisle and Matthew Gaffen for making the trip up here to OpenEnergyMonitor HQ in North Wales for the 2nd ever Snowdonia build event. We had a great time and look forward to a reciprocal event in London.

The Team (minus Ken behind the camera)

The idea behind these build sessions is to get together a group of similar minded 'techies' together for a week, add in beer, food and plenty of enthusiasm and have some fun developing cool open-source technology.
Morning planning meeting in the sun

The common theme of last weeks development was sustainability and how open-source technology can be used to help people learn about and reduce their energy consumption and move to energy generation.

The Lab 2010  
The Lab 2011
A rough wiki page has been made here to try and document the weeks developments.

Ken's great blog posts detail day by day developments: 
Mats blog post: snowdonbuild

An interesting development for us at OpenEnergymonitor was Sam giving us a tutorial of how to use Github to share and keep track of open-source code. Over the coming months we hope to shift more of our code to the site. Click here to access the Github group. At present emoncms is the only fully implemented code on Github. 

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