Ken Boak's Nanode project

Our friend Ken Boak has been working on an exciting project called Nanode: 

a £20 Network Applications Node for remote sensing projects.

It is an arduino + ethernet + more board. At £20 it will really make a lot of difference to the affordability of networked sensing including very much home energy monitoring. Glyn is working on a battery powered energy monitoring transmitter module at the moment and if we then use the nanode as a base unit adding a small transceiver shield, we should have a very affordable internet enabled home energy monitor.

Check out Ken's blog posts about the Nanode here:

Nanode - It's a bit small isnt it
Nanode - Just make it
Applications for the Nanode

And the wiki space on the London hackspace wiki:

Nanode wiki

Ken is sending a couple of kits up this way soon and we are really looking forward to trying it out! I think there will also be Nanode kits available from Ken to buy in the not so distant future so watch this space!

Andrew Lindsay Ethernet Library
Using the updated ethernet library by Andrew Lindsay you can use this board as a server, a client and can even do DNS queries, check out Andrew Lindsay's work here:
Updated Arduino ENC28J60 Ethernet library available To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.