Definition of open-source hardware

The software and hardware of the OpenEnergyMonitor project are open-source.

Open-source software has been around for some time. The concept is simple to understand and relatively easy to implement. The source code with documentation is made available to all; usually a through a free online download.

Open-source hardware is a relatively new idea. Basically it entails the sharing of the hardware design (schematics, CAD files, documentation etc) so that the hardware can be reproduced and/or modified by someone else. Until now there has been no formal definition. A community derived official definition of open-source hardware is just been released:

Logo ideas for open-source hardware. To be printed on PCB's etc.

Below is another (newly submitted) logo I found on the forum. I really like this one. I think it combines the best features of the best two designs above. The only problem I can see is the circles being mistaken for pads and drilled out while drilling the PCB! 

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