Internet connectivity and xbee wireless - what a day!

Decided to have a go at getting my xbee's to work this morning so that data can be sent wirelessly from the sensors to the computer.

Followed ladyada's tutorial here:

and it works!

I then thought id have a go at following her tweet-a-watt internet connectivity tutorial using google appspot and visualizations here:

also works! great tutorials!

Here's a couple of minutes of realpower measurements graphed with google visualizations:

and the last 10 power values:

I had to modify a couple of things to get it all to work with the Mains AC: non-invasive method, I will post up a how to and source code soon as I can.

Next id like to try to use the Asus wifi router to remove the computer altogether that ladyada details here:

and Ive got components for a 7 segment display on order. To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.