OpenCO2Monitor collaboration

A couple of days ago I was contacted by Ronic Concepcion and Ymreb Momville from the University Southeastern Philippines who are undertaking a technical research project called OpenCO2Monitor as a part of their BS Information Technology degrees.

Their project will be a collaboration with this project using the Mains AC:Non-invasive method of energy monitoring to supply energy consumption information to their software.

From their blog:
"OpenCO2Monitor is an open source software which is capable of monitoring CO2 emissions on a house/building. When the emitted CO2 reaches danger levels, the software will automatically sound an alarm and show a message dialog on the computer screen tell the user what to do.

OpenCO2Monitor is not only capable of monitoring CO2 levels but also monitoring the electric energy consumption of a house/building. It is also capable of showing your current monthly bill based on the Davao Light and Power Company generation charge per kilowatt hour.

OpenCO2Monitor also shows how many number of full grown trees a house/building should have in its surroundings to offset its CO2 Emissions. It also displays the house/building’s current contribution to temperature rise.

OpenCO2Monitor uses the Mains AC:Non-invasive method from to read the Kwh Usage of a house/building."
All really useful information that aims to help the user to "save money and energy while lessening their contribution to greenhouse gasses." To engage in discussion regarding this post, please post on our Community Forum.